Chia-Ling (Charlene) Tsai  

Associate Professor
Computer Science Department
City University of New York
Queens, NY 11367


Research Interests

With the expertise in machine learning and computational analysis, I collaborate with experts in many fields outside computer science to integrate computation with applications of broad impacts on the society. My main research interests are:

  • Biomedical image analysis: Development of algorithms for understanding of image contents, fusion of information extracted across multiple image modalities, and large-scale analysis of such information.

  • Machine learning in healthcare: Longitudinal studies on neurobehavioral development of infants.

  • Data science in literacy education: Application of machine learning techniques on mapping of the assessment outcomes to teaching strategies for effective Response-to-Intervention.

Past Experience

  • Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Iona University, US

  • Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

  • Postdoc Fellow, Electrical, Computer, and System Engineering Dept., RPI, US

News and Annoucement

  • New!! One journal paper accepted by Pediatric Research!

    We have implemented a machine learning algorithm to estimate mental and motor developmental delays in infants as part of a longitudinal study.

  • New!! One journal paper accepted by Frontiers in Neuroscience!

    We implemented a machine learning algorithm to estimate disaster exposure on in-utero infants and feature analysis to understand important neurobehavioral and brain volumetric features.

  • 01/2023 Gozde's poster is submitted in APS Observer.

  • 05/2022 The poster about predicting infants' mental developmental delays using ML got accepted by Association for Psychological Science convention in Chicago.

  • 05/2022 Gozde got accepted Google's CS Research Mentorship Program among one of the 150 students.